The Willow Casa

Crafting Timeless Spaces — The Willow Casa's Digital Journey


Objective: Willow Casa utilized BumpkinDigital’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including website design, social media management, and branding initiatives, to enhance its digital presence and express its design ethos.


  1. Website Design and Development: To display The Willow Casa’s portfolio, design philosophy, and client success stories, a user-friendly website was created. The aesthetics, utility, and straightforward navigation were prioritized in the design, giving visitors an immersive experience that reflected the studio’s dedication to timeless design. 
  1. Social Media Management and Marketing:
  • Platform Strategy:  Strategically utilized Instagram to expand its social media presence and showcase diverse design inspirations to various audiences.
  • Engaging Content: The Willow Casa’s reach and engagement were enhanced through targeted social media marketing strategies, combining behind-the-scenes glimpse, project highlights, and design advice to foster a sense of community.
  1. Branding Document: A comprehensive branding document was created to establish a uniform visual language and tone across all digital and offline touchpoints, specifying the studio’s colour palette, font, and brand rules.

4. Logo Design: A new logo was created to reflect The Willow Casa’s design approach. The logo smoothly merged modern and traditional features, symbolizing the studio’s devotion to create spaces that would last a lifetime.



  1. Improved Online Presence: The Willow Casa’s user-friendly website evolved into a digital portfolio, enticing visitors and efficiently articulating the design concept.
  1. Increased Social Media Engagement: Thoughtful content and planned campaigns resulted in an increase in social media engagement, resulting in the creation of a community of design aficionados and potential clients.
  1. Unified Brand Image: The branding document and logo design helped to create a unified and memorable brand identity, reaffirming The Willow Casa’s dedication to timeless and exquisite design.
  2. Client Acquisition: Increased inquiries emerged from the digital approach, proving the efficiency of the website, social media, and branding initiatives in attracting and converting potential customers.
  3. Positive Brand Perception: The comprehensive digital marketing strategy strengthened The Willow Casa’s brand perception, presenting it as a go-to destination for sophisticated and long-lasting architectural and interior design solutions.


The Willow Casa’s experience with BumpkinDigital shows the transforming power of a well-coordinated plan. The firm not only improved its online presence but also successfully communicated its design philosophy to a wider audience through website design, social media management, and branding activities. This case study emphasizes the need of developing a brand as a leader in the competitive area of architecture and interior design through a strategic and comprehensive digital strategy.

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