Ayudhi by Ayushi Sharma


Ayushi Sharma’s home tailored clothing brand, Ayudhi, faces challenges in establishing a strong online presence, utilizing effective digital marketing strategies, enhancing brand recognition, and reaching a wider audience compared to established retail brands.



  1. Defined Target Audience: The target audience were well identified and understood, taking into account demographics, interests, and online behaviours.


  1. Content Marketing: Developed a content calendar for blog entries, videos, and social media posts, shared fashion advice, style guides, and behind-the-scenes glimpses to engage the audience.


  1. Social Media Presence: Maintained a strong social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, sharing visually appealing and user-generated content, and conducting targeted ad campaigns.


  1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Promoted positive customer reviews and feedback on social media, which helped build trust and attract potential customers.


  1. Logo and Branding: Developed the logo and branding to reflect Ayushi’s vision for her brand. 


  1. Increased Brand Awareness, considerable increase in brand visibility, and reaching a larger audience via targeted social media advertising.
  2. Social media engagement indicators such as likes, shares, and comments increased significantly.
  3.  Online shopping experience optimization, along with targeted advertising, led to higher conversion rates, converting more visitors into customers.
  4. The implementation of customer-centric techniques such as customization resulted in an increase in favourable reviews and testimonials, which improved the brand’s reputation.
  5. Measurable ROI was proved by tracking and analysing digital marketing performance, verifying the efficiency of advertising expenditures and strategic efforts.
  6. Brand loyalty was increased through engaging content, loyalty programs, and tailored marketing initiatives.


BumpkinDigital’s digital marketing strategies have proven to be revolutionary for the company. We have seen a significant boost in brand awareness, online visibility and customer engagement as a result of strategic planning and execution. The careful incorporation of targeted social media advertising and branding has not only expanded our customer base but also created a feeling of community around the brand.

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